SEO & Google Ads for Heavy Industries

The significance of SEO and Google Ads as a key building block necessary for building a digital marketing strategy is becoming increasing understood by heavy equipment producers and the heavy machinery industry alike.

Heavy equipment industries have gained invaluable insights about their clients and their competitors through SEO Audits and Competitor Analysis. SEO agencies helps these heavy industries to learn what relevant content needs to be generated and what content needs to be generated so your website can be found on Google and other search engines. SEO and Google Ads have been proven in heavy industries to generate more targeted traffic and generate more leads.

Our group of SEO and Google Ads Professionals in Perth and Melbourne have perfected search engine optimisation ( SEO) and Google Ads management for Heavy equipment industries through years of experience and efficient outcomes.

Heavy and mining companies need an independent, worry-free business partner where it comes to SEO and Google Ads management. When you work with Blackbox Digital, our locally based team in Melbourne and Perth will provide you with regular communication and get to know and understand your business and your service offerings. After all, you need a SEO and Google Ads Agency that understands the demands and uniqueness of the heavy and mining industries.

Your team wants to find a SEO and Google Ads management team that takes the pressure off you to implement these important tasks, allowing you to get back to what you do best.

You want to know exactly what you are going to spend every month, no surprises, to build and plan your marketing budgets. At Blackbox Digital, there are no lock-in contracts and set monthly fees for our SEO campaigns, so you know what you’re budgeting for month on month.

Keyword Research

SEO Strategy for Heavy & Mining Industries

With fantastic material, you can have a sleek, quick, well-optimised website, but if you don’t use the same language as your potential customers, you’ll have difficulty in driving organic traffic to your website. Any good SEO strategy begins with defining the language used on search engines by your target audience, and it is achieved by analysing monthly estimates of search volume of keywords and keyphrases. SEO platforms utilised by Blackbox Digital offer monthly search volume statistics and can show you the competitive landscape for your heavy or mining industry.
Optimised Content

It’s important to map your keywords to the pages of your website and customise your content for those keywords once you’ve established your keyword strategy. This method sometimes referred to as “on-page SEO,” guarantees that the copy of your website is engaging, authoritative, and matched with your target keywords.

Structure of Professional Website
If your website design does not have a sound technological basis, high-quality content normally can’t rank at the top of search engines on its own. Technical SEO includes ensuring that users of your website have a fast, intuitive, and safe experience accessing your website.

Technical SEO Optimisation

Updating your website regularly for SEO based technicalities is the backbone of a solid SEO strategy. SEO agencies, like Blackbox Digital, will perform consistent updates based on constant analysis of your website. We utilise the most powerful and state of the art SEO tools to ensure your website is fully optimised for all technical SEO elements.


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We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.
I have been using these guys for a long time, they are efficient, offer great advice on marketing, nothing is an issue, they manage my website, my SEO and PPC and willing to adjust my campaigns on a weekly basis if I needed…thanks guys keep up the amazing work.
Lushcups Bakery

Mayur and the local team at Blackbox Design are responsive and have great turn around times with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Always Energy
always energy

It is a pleasure working together with Blackbox Design. They are friendly, professional, and very good in what they do. My business has significantly improved because of their great work in the areas of Website, SEO, SEM and Social Media. I can highly recommend them to you, to help your business too!

Adelaide Counselling Practice
Adelaide Counselling Practice

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