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With service-based professions like dentistry, it is all about gaining new clients and keeping old ones. Keeping your regular clients may be easy but obtaining new ones is not always as simple as you may think. For dentists, it can be challenging finding channels and avenues to promote your services. So, most dentists use digital marketing techniques to bring in new clients. Digital marketing consists of using web technology to increase the visibility of your website either through SEO, Social media marketing or Google Ads. Once customers land on your website, they can learn more about your experience and services. To get customers clicking on your site link, you must understand who they are. This is the first step in any successful digital marketing campaign, target audience research. By researching who your primary audience is, you can save tons of money on digital marketing campaigns. However, that is just the beginning. To learn more about digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Marketing for Dentists and Orthodontists continue reading.
Using marketing to gain new dental clients

Social Media Advertising

One of the most effective ways to market your dentistry services is by using social media. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to create ad campaigns. With your ad campaigns, you can create stunning visuals and videos to engage potential dental clients. For dentists, it’s best to create video-based marketing materials. This allows your potential clients to get an up-close view of your work. As a dentist, it’s essential to understand the value of your clients. If you have any special promotions running, use digital marketing to inform people who may need your discounts.
SEO & Google Ads
Competition is fierce online amongst dentists. Especially ones in your local area. To beat the competition, you’ll need a strategic digital marketing plan. Since you’re probably busy with your work, trying to manage a digital Google Ads or SEO campaign can be nearly impossible. Because of this, you should hire a professional digital marketing agency to help you with your Google Ads and SEO campaigns for your dental business. There are digital marketing agencies out there who specialise in dentistry. Try to lookup local digital marketing agencies near you in Melbourne and Perth and ask them about their services. Once you find a pool of reputable SEO and Google Ads providers to choose from in Melbourne and Perth, compare their reviews. Doing so will enable you to assess which digital marketing company can provide with the help you need. Contact the digital marketing agency and ask for a consultation. Blackbox Digital offer a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss you SEO and Google Ads needs for your dentistry or orthodontic business. During the consultation, we’ll ask about your goals for your digital marketing aspirations. We’ll help you to define clear objectives for your digital marketing campaign and develop a strategy to help you achieve those objectives.
Structure of Professional Website
If your website design does not have a sound technological basis, high-quality content normally can’t rank at the top of search engines on its own. Technical SEO includes ensuring that users of your website have a fast, intuitive, and safe experience accessing your website.


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