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Google ads are the most vital aspect of social media marketing for boosting your brand or business digitally. It is no wonder why Paid ads receive more visits on Google because of their instant solution offering nature. While Google ads sound simple, implementing them successfully for benefitting your brand is a daunting process. It depends on various factors whether or not your ad will actually help grow your business. If Google ads are not implemented strategically, they can cost you more rather than benefitting you.


Google ad directly targets potential customers to visit your website and improve your business. However, it’s a step by step process requiring a thorough knowledge of executing it as per your needs.

Why Advertising on Google Is Beneficial

Google is the top most searched engine in Australia, holding more than 94% market share. Hence, Google ads are undoubtedly the most successful feature of social media marketing. You can take your brand locally or globally with Google ads without any hassle. What is the best part of Google Ads? You only pay when a customer clicks on your advertisement on Google. This is what you call Price Per Click (PPC). So it’s safe to say that your visibility on the forefront does not cost you.


Google is vast, so unless you don’t find the right campaign for your business or brand, you can potentially go from paying more and profiting less. There can be a dozen different purpose behind going for Google ads, but you must carefully analyse your goals first. For instance, you may want to simply improve traffic to your site, or you may want to improve your sales. Your keywords and branding message play a crucial role in attracting potential customers to visit your brand. Further, you must also necessarily consider your budget while opting for Google Ads.


How do Google ads work? When a potential customer search for something similar to your business or product on Google, it’s most likely that your website may show up. Thus you are targeting them directly.


Google ads can significantly develop your brand by using Google Display Networks and partner sites. But without a good turnover, you may not want to advertise your brand irrelevantly and randomly. This being the case, it is essential to know where exactly you want your ad to show up. Making your business appear on the Google search engine result page can remarkably nourish your business.

Blackbox Digital Your Local Google Ads Agency Based in Perth

If you are a business owner looking for establishing your business online, Blackbox Digital is your local Perth based Google Ads agency. Our highly professional team can take you to the forefront of the Google search results with our tailored Google Ads management services. Our friendly and professional approach makes it easy for you to discuss your business objectives in depth.

We provide you with the best Search engine marketing tools and monitor your progression regularly to utilise the maximum benefit.


Blackbox Digital is Google certified, and our team is more than happy to work with you anytime. We also offer you a free 30-minute consultation without any obligations. You can also visit us at our local Perth based office in West Leederville.


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We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.
I have been using these guys for a long time, they are efficient, offer great advice on marketing, nothing is an issue, they manage my website, my SEO and PPC and willing to adjust my campaigns on a weekly basis if I needed…thanks guys keep up the amazing work.
Lushcups Bakery

Mayur and the local team at Blackbox Design are responsive and have great turn around times with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

Always Energy
always energy

It is a pleasure working together with Blackbox Design. They are friendly, professional, and very good in what they do. My business has significantly improved because of their great work in the areas of Website, SEO, SEM and Social Media. I can highly recommend them to you, to help your business too!

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