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Today marketers are under constant pressure in promoting their brands in different ways to sustain the tough competition. Paid ads on Google are the most successful digital marketing strategies followed by many business owners in Melbourne. Google ads are widely successful for their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising method. You can get exciting marketing leads if your business gets among the top three searches on the Google search engine result page.


As a leading search engine globally, advertising on Google is a good marketing strategy. If you want to stay in the top two to three searches in the Google search result, you must always be aware of the leading marketing tactics. It calls for you to continually update your advertising strategy to stay ahead of your competitor. Google ads can help benefit your business when executed with the best techniques using Google advertising tools.

How Do Google Ads work?

Google ads help you drive traffic to your website by directly addressing potential customers to your website. Basically, it’s the keyword that invites target customers looking for products or services like yours. Interestingly you only pay for the number of clicks and not for the number of times you appear on the top results. Choosing the most appropriate keyword can bring a large amount of traffic and can significantly boost sales. Choosing keywords require careful judging because you don’t want your ad to pop up in front of the wrong audience. Every click by a wrong customer is only going to cost you more.


The top three or four Google ads are more likely to drive traffic to their websites than the ads at the bottom of the page. But getting your business on top of the Google search engine result page is no easy task. It requires a successful business campaign to benefit your marketing objectives.  The foremost thing is staying aware of relatively trending keywords is crucial in giving you actual results. You must also be well-informed of the bidding system and the quality score that Google offers. Improving your quality score can dramatically reduce your Pay Per Click and the final cost of acquisition.


Google display networks and other partner networks of Google can also help you grow your business digitally. Further, you can also engage with customers who have visited your website before with Google Remarketing Ads. However, it’s up to you to choose where you want to display your brand for substantial growth.

Blackbox Digital for Your Google Ads

Improving your sales and your brand awareness online on Google is now easy with Blackbox Digital. As a Google certified team, we offer the best expertise in PPC advertising. We are committed to providing the best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy and Google Ads tool to boost your business. Our friendly team is ever ready to build a comprehensive Google ads management service to grow your business.


For more information on Google Ads for your business, get in touch with Blackbox Digital. You can now get a free consultation for 30 minutes along with an obligation free quote. You can also visit us at our local Melbourne based office in Chadstone. 


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We’re proud to still be working with many of the same people that hired us in our early days.
I have been using these guys for a long time, they are efficient, offer great advice on marketing, nothing is an issue, they manage my website, my SEO and PPC and willing to adjust my campaigns on a weekly basis if I needed…thanks guys keep up the amazing work.
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Mayur and the local team at Blackbox Design are responsive and have great turn around times with a high level of efficiency and accuracy.

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always energy

It is a pleasure working together with Blackbox Design. They are friendly, professional, and very good in what they do. My business has significantly improved because of their great work in the areas of Website, SEO, SEM and Social Media. I can highly recommend them to you, to help your business too!

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