FAQ - Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to get yourself seen on social media, start building an allegiance of followers and reach your target audience in a whole new way? Then find out more about how social media marketing and social media management can help your business to grow to new heights!

If you’re looking to start getting social, then contact the social media marketers at Blackbox in Melbourne and Perth to find out more.

Social media marketing encompasses the promotion or sponsorship of posts and Ads across social media platforms – primarily, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

This is a difficult general question, as each business is vastly unique in its own way. Facebook and Instagram marketing are great tools for reaching B2C, whereas LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing. However, there is a way to achieve B2B marketing objectives through Facebook and Instagram too!

At Blackbox, our Social Media Marketing consultants will take the time to get to know your business and your target audience and find out where they are, and which is the best social platform to utilise to reach them. Speak to one of our social media marketers today to open a discussion about how social can increase your businesses client base.

The best part about setting up social pages for your business is that it allows you showcase your business’ Products and Services. A social profile gets to the heart of your core business activities, breaking down to everything from the basics of hours of operation and location to the nitty gritty of who you are as a company and what you represent. It’s a great way to showcase your ‘brand personality’.

A social profile also helps you to promote your business – building brand awareness, brand equity and a sound and distinct following. Social Media metrics also allow you to quantify that following and get real time information on how, why, and when your followers are engaging with your business and your posts.

It seems just about everybody is on social media these days, so if you want to speak to your target audience, odds are that’s where you’ll find them!

With social, you can personally engage with your target market and open up a conversation. You can tailor the audience to breakdown into your target audience by interests, demographics, geographics and much more!

Social media management is the process of organically managing your social posting. You can do this yourself for your business or engage with social media managing consultants like Blackbox to do the hard work for you!

Through social media, you’re able to have a conversation with your audience and connect with them on a personal level. Posting regularly to your socials also allows you to engage with your followers and stay relevant.

It also demonstrates that your business is active and operating. It’s so easy to become stagnant as a company, but regular social posting ensures your customers or followers know your still there and you haven’t gone anywhere.

We utilise the best techniques in social media targeting to pinpoint and allow you to reach your target audience across the social platforms that are most relevant to your business.

As we know, Facebook and Instagram have a host of information available about their users, from the basic demographics and deeper into what they like and products and services they’re looking for.

At Blackbox, our social media marketers tap into this resource and drill down to find the customers searching for products and services like yours, in the locations you need them to be.

Creating a business profile for Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is a simple process. There’s step by step guides you can follow to get your business all set up.

When you engage Blackbox for your social media marketing or social management in Melbourne, Perth, and Australia wide, our team will create a Business Profile for you.